a little tour.

welp friends, the mister and i will be moving soon, it's inevitable, our lease ends at the end of july. we have loved our first little home so much, and i know it will always hold a special place in our hearts. it's where began our marriage and thus our little family. i've thought about sharing pictures of our home many times, more for myself {to document this time}, than the whole "look at how awesome my house looks" ha ha ha...but, now seems like a good time to give a little tour of our humble abode before we hit the road.
here are a few before shots....
    {the den; drew checking out the view and the awesome location; an empty kitchen; us the day we signed our lease-super excited; oh the possibilities for the porch; our empty bedroom}

our front door and entry way
galley kitchen and art from argentina

the massive gallery wall

disclaimer: our curtains are hung too low, but we didn't have a ladder tall enough to hang them...ha! 
remember this re-do and diy projects?

tiny little bathroom
photo grouping of our wedding day & some honeymoon pics!
our bedroom!
my side & his side of the bed!
oil on canvas of grecian seaside town- my most favorite thing ever; thanks mom!
our little slice of heaven, the back porch!

we have enjoyed every second of living here {well minus a few seconds, bc of loud neighbors}, and we will miss it for sure. but, it's such a great feeling to know that we took full advantage of living in the heart of this charming city! we are looking forward to the next stage of this grand adventure {i'm looking forward to decorating a new home too} and what jesus has in store for us. thanks for letting me give you a tour! -j.

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  1. wow, this makes me sad slash very happy....sad bc you are growing up and I remember that feeling of leaving our first home, it was so bittersweet, but then obviously happy bc you are coming "home"

    you have amazing taste and the pillows on the rockers are perfect, so happy! love you and so proud of my lil sis!


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