a little progress.

remember this post from a while back when i won kimberly's web design giveaway? well since then, i have been painting, re-arranging, and working on our teeny tiny guest room/office.  i will definitely share the before and afters of the entire room once everything is finished, but for now, i just wanted to share some pictures of progress!


i'd been wanting to paint this dresser for awhile, but had never tackled a furniture painting project this big, and honestly i was a little nervous about the entire project. when jenny posted about using and loving oil-based paint, i knew i had to try it. the finished product is always stunning and high gloss furniture makes me oh so happy.
jenny makes everything seem easy bc she's the ultimate diy-er, but i still had a few questions/concerns bc let's face it, i am not a natural diy-er. that's when i came across this post by danielle after she took jenny's advice and painted her desk.  she offers some really good advice and answers important questions regarding the process. before you paint with oil-based paints...check her post out, and her desk for that matter- it is beautiful!
so i headed to lowe's with a fabric swatch, because i wanted to get close to an existing color in the room. i do typically use rust-oleum spray paint {always love the finish product} and that's what jenny suggested, {expect for canned paint} but their color selection is limited. so i told the guy at lowe's what i was looking for, and he mixed the paint for me with a valspar tintable oil-based paint.


{two full coats with full 24hr drying time in between each coat- a must}

{sans hardware-i had a hard time finding the perfect option bc of the size}

{oh so glossy, and don't put anything on the finished product for at least 5 days}


{you can see the reflection of the lamp!}

oh, i'm in love!  if you have any questions, feel free to ask; i'll be happy to answer any of them for you!
here's to weekend projects and finishing things on your to-do list!  hope your weekend is wonderful!-j

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