it's here.

summertime that is.
 it officially arrives today, happy first day to you!
i love all the season's, but there is just something so special about summer, even though the long summer breaks from school are long gone, it still embodies a sense of excitement, relaxation, happiness, and ease, all at the same time. a few things i love about summer:

sitting on the back porch in the evening
daylight that sticks around until nine p.m
yummy tomatoes
beach reads
listening to music outside
going to the lake
grilling out
citronella candles
the slower pace of life
peaches- when they're good and ready 
meals like hawaiian chicken, kabobs, and shrimp tacos
boat rides
the smell of sunscreen
t-strap sandals
fresh seafood
beach trips with the fam
summer beer...
and the list goes on!

what do you love most or look forward to during summertime? -j.

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