mission accomplished.

Just a little update on one of my previous posts {picture this}... mission accomplished! Thanks to T, our Mom & talented design wizard, my picture wall is up. And, I absolutely adore it, so does Drew! Every time I walk into the room, I fall head-over-heels for the layout,
the personality it brings to the room, and all the pictures.
It certainly has made out teeny tiny apartment feel more like our home!
here's a peak before and after.

Hooray for being able to cross this little project off my list and being able
to enjoy it every single day... well almost, still waiting on one print to arrive in the mail, should come any day, it's a big one! Next up, painting the console that the TV is on! -J


  1. Oh my goodness! I absolutely love it...what pictures did you use???

    Always love reading, and miss you!

  2. Love it! You R. girls, I tell ya! ;)

  3. Thanks y'all for your sweet comments and for reading our blog! Amy, I used a few wedding photos and the rest are pictures we took on our honeymoon, all in sepia!

  4. so cute. It could totally go in the pottery barn catalog. I'm going to hang a square picture crooked thanks to you!


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