Its coming...

I am feeling very anticipatory today, its March 1st my friends and I'm not sure that I've ever been more excited to see the month of March arrive, bc you know what, it means Spring is coming, newness is coming and with it brings hope, hope of new adventures, warmer weather and fun memories, babies, healing and all the wonder and beauty beheld in celebrating our Risen Savior. 

When seasons of life are difficult and you feel as though you are drudging through the struggle, its often times hard to see God doing a new thing. But just because we can't see Him and some days can't even feel Him near, He is there. He is often times holding you, carrying you and whispering in your ear that He loves you. He knows your struggle, knows your heartache, knows your worries and your fears. He has them all in the palm of His hand. He has a plan, a purpose, newness is coming. 

I pray this weekend you are overwhelmed with the hope of Spring, the hope of things eternal and filled with the peace of knowing Jesus lives. He's alive and He adores you. 
Fancy that my friends...


  1. preach. thank you for that positivity, friend. :) happy march!


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