Hubby please come home

It's Friday and for whatever reason I get excited about it every week. Even though in the life of a pretty much stay at home mom it means absolutely NOTHING. It's another day....no dollars....that leads into 2 more days of your everyday. Ha! The only difference, and it is a wonderful one, is that hubby comes home and I have a partner, a helper, a rescue. Thank you Jesus! Because if he wasn't coming home, I don't know if I could make it!
Today has been crazy.... dd, school, target, Michael's ( with 2 of the 3), Arby's ( yes my kids had fast food for breakfast and lunch, don't judge), home to unpack all, potting soil dumped all over the floor by #3, glass thrown in the tub and shattered by #3, Tylenol, noses suckered out and salined in, laundry changed and dumped on bed to fold and finally naps, ahhhhhh. Sweet relief for an hour till #1 wakes. Just another day. A busy day and its only two o'clock.
 I'm thankful, don't get me wrong. It's what a want to be doing....most of the time. I like daily -ness. I love my kids. I'm just tired. Tired of lugging stuff everywhere, of being sick or taking care of someone sick since December 1st, tired of cleaning up messes, tired of changing diapers and underwear and pooped and peed in panties, of getting juice and snacks 24/7, of screaming and aggregating each other and constant scolding. It's all exhausting. No wonder we are tired right?
Why did we want this? Why can I just be away a day and and am already craving them, their hugs and kisses and sweet words that aren't said right, with lisp and stutters, their soft hands and smell good baby hair. This whole parenting thing is God's great paradox. I don't get it. And that's good I guess. Cause I need Him to get through it. To thank and curse in the same breath. It is brutiful ( as one of my fave bloggers Glennon from momastery would say), brutal and beautiful!
So that's my breathing out for today! So thankful for this space to do so!
Happy daily-ness and happy weekend!


  1. Ain't it the truth! I don't know why I let Wells do all of the joy-filled running and screaming when Daddy gets home every day, I mean night! I am BY FAR the most excited person in the house! ;)

  2. hard...easy...brutiful...call it what you want -- i'm still JEALOUS!! :)


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