Recently, I decided to begin re-reading one of my most favorite books, I'm a sucker for a good inspirational, Christian memoir or discipleship book. I just love them and don't think I can ever have too many. I'm not sure why that is other than the fact that I love to be encouraged and I love reading people's stories. The counselor in me loves seeing the transformation take place in someone's life and hearing someone's heart. Plus, people often times put into words what I am feeling but haven't found the words to express, especially those seasoned women of faith. 

"All of us have memories, tucked away in the attic of our minds. Times when we led the parade. When our dreams were still intact. When we could still be amazed by a butterfly's wings. And we think, somehow, that growing up means letting that go. When we start to get beaten up by life a bit, those original hopes and longings are often knocked from our arms. So we pick them up and pack them away, out of sigh, where it doesn't hurt too much to remember. And we go on. It's terribly important, though, that we don't just go on. Please don't just go on. Instead, reclaim your heart, then go back and ask God for the essence of your original hopes and dreams, the ones he means for you to carry into the future. They are necessary to make the journey well."
-Paula Rhinehart

Becoming a mom takes a lot out of you, everything changes, especially your dreams. For some reason, so many mom's, (me included) think/thought that in order to be a great mom, you have to let go of your personal dreams outside of being a mom, or even still, feel guilt and shame for having dreams that don't involve your kids. But the contrary is true, if we stop dreaming and hoping then we lose sight of our purpose, we forget who we are in Christ and if we can't remember or embrace who God has created us to be, then how in the world will be ever teach our children to dream and hope big. We are not our responsibilities or roles, we are daughters of the King, fashioned and equipped to do His work, to do big things. Yes, there are different times in our lives when our roles and responsibilities limit us or dictate our time, but we are never the sum of what we do. 

If you feel beaten down by life, by relationships or circumstances, roles or responsibilities, so much so that you've forgotten your hopes and dreams...stop and ask God to reclaim your heart, to remind you who you are and who He's created you to be. 
Reclaim my friends...

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  1. So needed after a week of battling a sick and defiant toddler! Thanks for these words B!


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