randomness once again.

- i am really ready for spring. yesterday's weather was such a tease.
- church "shopping" is touch stuff...i am ready to feel more settled in that arena.
- i try not to get political on this here blog, but the new postal service commercial drives me nuts. have you seen it? the premise is a postman saying i work for lots of companies and i wear lots of different hats {bc he helps so many different customers}, and then he says, actually i work for one company- the u.s. postal service...the fact of the matter mister, is that you do not work for lots of different companies nor one company for that matter. you sir, work for us. the tax payers. and the u.s. postal service is wasting our money on stupid ads like this. stop it!
- i love water, and i drink it all the time. but dang-it, it's hard to only drink water when you are tired, traveling, and need a boost. 
- i am a big awards show fan {who isn't?} but i must say, this year's award season has surpassed my expectations...did you see the grammy's...awesome. academy awards showcasing music/musicals...more awesomeness.
- i am super excited about re-doing our front and back yard. hurry up weekend. i am ready to get my hands dirty.
- seriously can not believe we have been living in our "new" little home for 6 months...crazy. 
- confession: i still have not hung pictures. what is wrong with me?
- i never very rarely {like haven't since my wedding} get my nails done, but lately, i really just want a mani-pedi...first world thoughts.

i'm all over the place these days. what's been on your mind lately? -j.

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