little love

My 20 month old little man has started to share his sensitive side lately. Both my boys are rough and tumble, full of energy and all things boy, but they both have their daddy's beautiful sensitive spirit and I love watching it develop. The other night after baths, I was drying my littlest man off when he stood up on his changing table, birthday suit and all, grabbed my face with his little hands, looked at me, smiled and said "momma." He just held my face and stared in adoration, then he proceeded to give me the biggest hug, he literally grabbed my neck and just held me there. It may have not been that long, but to me it felt like an eternity and I just soaked it up. It was one of those moments where I was completely overcome with love for this little person, where I just wanted to bottle it all up and never let it go, where I wanted to just grab him back and tell him in totally inadequate words how much I love him. I wanted to squeeze him and eat him up and hold that memory in my heart forever. I was speechless. I hope you get to know that kind of love in your lifetime and I hope you know thats how our God loves you everyday! 

Here's to a weekend full of love...
*Side note- In case you were wondering, I'm totally ok with my boys thinking I'm the bomb for as long as their little hearts decide especially since I'm totally aware that in a few short years, hugging your mom and holding her face won't be very cool. I'm relishing in it, totally relishing! 

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  1. so lovely. so beautifully described, b.


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