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This is totally how I've felt lately. I'm not really sure what happened but one day my 3 year old decided to call our bluff and change up his personality. It's been pretty bad lately, bad as in bringing this momma that rarely cries to tears. I've honestly had no clue how to handle it. It shouldn't have come as a surprise bc I've heard the whole "3's are way worse than 2's" mantra, but SERIOUSLY people, THEY ARE, way worse! I loved the 2's, bring em back any day! With this digression, I realized yet again that being a good parent is really really really hard work. You can give your kids everything they want, cater to them and treat them like they run the show and it may appear easy for the moment, but I'm pretty sure they will turn out to be punks OR you can work at it every day, every time they say no or don't listen, every time they push their brother or steal a toy, every time they disobey or talkback, you can choose to persevere, you can choose every day to be a good parent..its gonna take all you have, its gonna test your patience and strength in incredible ways, its gonna make your conversations with God endless, and sometimes it may even make you cry...but its worth it, shaping these little boys into men is my job, and even though at times I might want to pretend like I don't know this crazy split personality 3 year old...he surprises me and obeys, for a moment he actually does what I tell him to, he melts my heart and says I'm the best girl he's ever seen, he shares a gummy bear with his little bro, throws out a please or thank you on his own accord or belts his little happy heart out singing cowboys and angels...and I forget...
 the little victories sustain me and we start another day. 


  1. you are such a good writer,and an incredible mom! keep on keeping on because those boys are the sweetest!

  2. So true and so good. Thanks for that. It is so hard to hang in there. I love that quote that says "I didn't say it was going to be easy, I said it was going to be worth it". Love you. You are a great mom!

  3. you are an excellent mom, beth!
    "the little victories sustain me and we start another day"... amen.
    keep it real, sister!


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