a love of ladders.

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thanks for indulging me! -e
{all images via pinterest}


  1. I am so on board with the ladder love. my j.crew closed this week, and I snagged a killer one that we used to use for reaching racks up high. I could not love it more! I will post it on my blog. I am doing a post this weekend about my room being full settled into now.
    I am so glad you loved your mug! I meant to send it before I left bueni, but in the move, it just didn't get done. it just looked like you. :)
    thank you for praying, and I simply cannot wait to reunite sometime sooner rather than later over that cup of coffee you mentioned!
    today, I wandered around the boston common and english garden...just walked and people-watched. happy times!
    thank you for your sweet encouragement, and look for the ladder pic. you will like, I do believe! love, love.kb.

  2. j-
    thanks sweet friend! j.crew is working out well. I am enjoying the people I work with, and I do dig the discounts. :)
    I hope all is well as you settle into your new abode. I am certain it is looking lovely!
    I get to visit bueni in two weeks for bill's celebration, and I love that sam will be there once more!


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