when i'm working, i constantly use the word "some" to communicate with my clients.
"some" as opposed to "all."
there's a big ole difference between the two, and i try to get my clients to recognize that all the time, but when it comes to me, in my own, everyday life,
 i do a really bad job embracing this notion. but with the purchase of our new home {our first home}, i am having to learn the difference and where the line is drawn between "some" and "all." we have a lot of things left on our to-do list, but we've gotten "some" great things done. i know you're probably sick of reading that word, but honestly it's on repeat in my head. i am having to work hard on this, and i continually remind myself that tasks will get done, there's no rush, and that well i'm an over-achiever, have high expectations, and that i can't get a million things done every single weekend or spare minute, because, well life happens {in between hanging pictures, fixing sinks, organizing dreaded files, and all that jazz}.  it's ok that our house doesn't look perfect pulled together and like us...yet. it feels like home and we love it!

i will post some "progress" pictures soon, but for now, these images are dancing around in my head...

 {all images via pinterest}


  1. Please post pics...just as it is....people love to see that. And you know it will never "all" be done. See rebuttal decor post. That's the beauty of this!

  2. some vs all is such a hard thing to learn esp for us overachievers...proud of you for embracing this and trying to learn it...will make things so much easier on you and Drew too, ha!

  3. oh and i love all these pics, totally see your bedroom with the sunburst mirror pic and a nook with the dresser pic and the orange stool pic...love these happy colors!

  4. e- i never want it to be finished, i love the process of tweaking, adding, taking away and keeping things interested--to me. i just want to get our big to-do list accomplished, ha! seeing progress is huge for me to feel inspired in a space.

    b- yes it is, i think its a curse! ha! i'm glad you like the pics!


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