a decor rebuttal.....

on this quote posted yesterday by my beloved b:
"Make your home as comfortable and attractive as possible and then get on with living.
There's more to life than decorating." -Albert Hadley
ok b...so i love you, love your writing, love real simple, love your home...and also love decorating! ha! i am taking this opportunity to defend myself and my love of all things decor.
 yes i do believe that your home should be comfy, does not have to be just so, should not be "dressed to impress" if you will. it should be a place you love to come back to and go forth from, a place you and your family can just "be", a place where others feel welcome and wanted...filled with love! whatever that looks like for the individual i think is perfect...to each his own, right? all this said, I LOVE HOME DECOR! it is my outlet, a way to move and change and be creative, a way to express me! yes, Mr. Hadley, "there is more to life than decorating" but i think, for someone like me, and lots of others who love this certain expression it is a sad thought to "finish" doing so! i love becoming and changing, learning the history and watching the trends and nuances of this trade! i think it would be like telling a lifelong student (you know, those who love school and learning) to stop studying and learning, or a historian to stop discovering, or an artist to stop painting and dreaming, an adventurer to stop travelling and taking risks! these things spur us on to go and do and "live"! decor, staging, changing my surroundings is part of me! it doesn't hinder me from living, it inspires me to live better! creating is part of me!
so...there is my rebuttal! what do you think?
ps...all things said in absolute love of b...her house is amazing, she way undersold!


  1. touche mr. hadley...pretty good rebuttal...if it feels good, do it right? haahah!

  2. hahahhahah! too funny- great rebuttal! it just goes to show that we are all different, and i love that about us! e, i too am at a constant state of "decorating," because i need my home to be stimulating place. both of your homes are amazing and are perfect expressions of y'all.


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