so i signed on facebook today for the first time in a few weeks, and lots of pictures of siblings with captions like "happy sibling day" and "loving my siblings" etc popped up. i thought to myself, well that's neat, i had no idea that such a day existed. i couldn't figure out if it was yesterday or today, so i googled it, and guess what, "national sibling day" was on april 10, 2012. what are all these people on fb thinking? are there two days designated to celebrate siblings? does anyone really know when it is?

oh well, who cares... e, joey, b, wes, and sam here's to YOU, 
the best siblings anyone could ever ask for!
{whether the day to celebrate is today or was five months ago}
p.s. sometimes fb weirds we out.

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  1. hey, I heart you my little sibling! you are my fav!


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