my wandering heart.

prone to wander Lord I feel it. prone to leave the God I love. here's my heart Lord,
take and seal it. seal it to thy courts above!

i found this awesome piece of art on a friends pinterest board (shout out kym!) and LOVE it! maybe one day when i have a chance to paint and create again i can make a copy! i just love this reminder. my heart is so tempted to wander even in the simplest daily tasks. i want to be constantly bound to him. He is the goal and the prize. everything i do here, even when my days feel like groundhog day here with the munchkins are for Him and with Him. to bring Him glory and ultimately to be with Him!

new years resolution...i think so....bind my wandering heart to thee!


  1. yay, e! :)
    one of my all time favourite hymns.
    absolutely, I join you in this desire, friend.


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