So I saw this quote on our beloved pinterest the other day and I just laughed out loud...not because this quote isn't beautiful because it totally is and its so true. God created us each different and unique and He totally wants us to be who we are and who He created us to be, different and all!

It is beautiful to see people truly be themselves and embrace their "You"Ness! But for all my friends out there who've seen You, Me and Dupree, then this word "Ness" should make you crack up, unless you just don't have a sense of humor and don't think that movie is absolutely hilarious. In which case, I feel sorry for you because you clearly are missing out on all that Owen Wilson has to offer. In the event that you haven't seen this movie or just need a refresher on "Ness", I am giving you this chance to laugh today! So do it my friends, find and celebrate your "Ness"...

What is "Ness" you might ask, It's your Name + the word Ness...today I'm celebrating my "B"Ness!

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