Stylish...who knew!

Who knew we'd be selected for the Stylish Blogger Award...THANKS Mary Lanier, you're the BEST!

So, here's what we are supposed to do:
1. Thank and link back to the person who awarded you this award. 2. Share 7 things about yourself.


1. love gardening and eating what i grow!
2. hot tamales are a recent craving!
3. love to move furniture and rearrange, its a weekly thing!
4. love finding, re-furbishing or re-inventing!!
5. my munchkin on the way is a boy, hooray!
6. love listening to my husband play guitar and sing to my kiddos!
7. orange is my fave color of late!!!!


1. lover of all praise music no matter how cheesy.
2. love watching sports-mostly football (college & NFL) & def hate it when people talk during a game esp if its a Clemson game.
3. craving an ice cold draft beer, Blue Moon to be exact.
4. life long dream is to publish a book.
5. some people might say that I have really stinky feet.
6. a little OCD about things being in their place, perfectly arrange the couch pillows every night before bed, can't go to sleep with things out of order.
7. never ever wash my face before bed, and yes I then reapply on top of it in the am.


1. i'm the only child in my family that doesn't have red hair.
2. i really love my job.
3. planting flowers is relaxing for me.
4. classic/southern rock is my fav. like marshall tucker, the band, etc.
5. i carry an "idea book" with me where ever I go.
6. my bed is my safe place...i love a comfy bed, and mine might be the most comfy in the world.
7. mint chocolate chip is my favorite ice cream.

1 comment:

  1. E-I love orange too these days! And, I am thrilled that #3 is a boy!
    B-I CAN NOT wait to have a Blue Moon (or 3) with you! And honey, I am right there with ya on the pillows! Do we need help?
    J-Love the "idea book"! I may just have to snag that one! And, I love your blonde hair, it's so you!
    Love you girls, I really do!


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