ok, so i know im nesting but i am just itchng to redo my babies rooms! im at that researching spot where i can't totally visualize them yet but they are starting to come together in my mind. these are just some inspiring pics i found. ill do before and afters once i figure out what im doing!

i love the exposed beams and the cleanliness of this first space!

i love the simplicity here and that they brought an outdoor chair in!

i am obsessed with the headboard, a packing pallet...so creative!

i love the storage under the bed, so neat and organized! not to mention that the daybed is in the den! love!!!!!! so i guess we will see what elements i can incorporate! i love the challenge... i know its all in my head! -E

ps...as you can see we (as in our best little buddy megan simon) are working on our blog design! she's awesome and so talented! thanks megan!

(all images courtesy of bhg.com)

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  1. Love love love the new look ladies! :) And I am pretty fond of you girls too!


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