I'm alive and such...

So I've been a slack blogger sister...haven't felt very inspired lately and Im actually having a hard time thinking about anything except if I have to go to the bathroom, the next meal, sleeping, how to keep the nausea at bay, sleeping, and somewhere in there taking care of my almost 2 year old. Needless to say, Im just overall exhausted and ready for this little guy to make his debut. The third trimester is full of conflicting thoughts, you want them to stay in, bc they need more time to get their lungs strong and put on more weight, but then your body and mind is saying "please get out of here." The third trimester is full of emotions too, its like revisiting the first trimester which I had totally forgotten. Lately I've been extremely emotional. I've already happy-cried 2x today, I can go from don't touch or talk to me to lets make out and tell me all your dreams simultaneously in less than 3 seconds...so you could say Im definitely riding the roller coaster!

However, I am happy to announce that amidst this emotional coaster, I did complete "Firefly Lane" by Kristin Hannah last week. I needed to cry and knew that it would evoke just the right amount of emotion I needed so I decided to burn the midnight oil and finish it! It did not disappoint, fantastic novel about friendship and love! Heart-wrenching but the perfect girly read! So I definitely back up my recommendation! Next on my list is "Water for Elephants" by Sara Gruen because Im dying to see the movie...Robert Pattinson (for all you Twilight Lovers) and Reese Witherspoon...Yes,Please! An unlikely pair but Im looking forward to watching their love affair!

Back to the roller coaster that is my life right now, I found out that other women find ways to release all their pent up emotions too. Some read like me, some watch a favorite show or movie that always evokes the right amount of emotion, while others have a glass of wine and take a bubble bath...some women can cry easily and don't struggle with letting their tears flow but others have a harder time allowing themselves to let go and embrace their emotions. Its so important to find ways and people that will allow you to be in touch with your feelings, don't bottle them up, let go and be free!

Here's to a weekend of happy emotions for me and I hope you too-B


  1. The roller coaster is almost over! Hang in there! I kinda think you've been a rockstar! :)

  2. I cried too hard in Firefly Lane- it was a great, sad read.
    I'm glad you liked the kitchen I featured. I hope you and your husband have a blast gathering plans and renovating.


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