hello friends, it's been awhile! the days since i last wrote, following our little snow storm, have just flown by, and i have been recovering from a rather nasty cold. but thankfully i am on the mend, or at least i hope!  
so very rarely do we { e, b or i} write and tell y'all to do something. most of the time our little spot here in the blog-o-sphere is about how we are feeling, what's inspiring us, or what we are hoping to do, but today, i want to encourage all of us to go and see the movie 
it opens this weekend! mark burnett (famed "survivor" and "the voice" creator) and his wife roma downey (beloved, wait maybe that was just in our family, "touched by an angel" star) produced the movie using footage from their successful "the bible" min-series that recently aired on the history channel along with some new material.  i obviously haven't seen the movie, but "the bible" series was great and a breath of fresh air to see on tv and it was watched my millions. i want to support people that love jesus and are open and candid about it. mark and roma are actively trying (yes, they will make lots of money) to educate and draw the american public to the beauty, sacrifice and love of jesus.  i saw mark interviewed earlier this week, and his passion for jesus and for people is so evident.  i am sure there will be lots of critics that rip the movie apart for its acting and authenticity, but how amazing would it be if we all went out to support this movie and it had a blockbuster opening weekend! we do it for all kinds of other movies, why not for one that actually resonates with what we belief in?! i'll be back to let you know what i think after i see it.

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