the wintry weather is beautiful, and it comes with much excitement, because we rarely ever get a good snow. but let's face it y'all, it makes me want to stay in my pj's all day, drink cups and cups of coffee, watch movies or re-runs of sex and the city or both, eat endless bowls of popcorn or brownies or both, shop online {more like place items in my shopping cart that i don't really need to buy}, and make batch upon batch of my award winning chili....it's on the stove now. jk, my chili is not award winning, but i wish it was. drewski is partial to it, and so am i.  and, as i write this, neighborhood kiddos are beginning to sled down our hill, it just so happens to be one of the "big" ones in the neighborhood! it's fun to watch them enjoying their snow day, but man oh man, am i thankful for a warm home and snuggly pj's.
our little abode all pretty in the snow....
hope y'all are safe & cozy! -j

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