So anytime you have a baby, routine goes out the window, it slowly comes back but it takes some time. I'm totally aware of this, totally aware of the dramatic change that occurs after adding a infant to the mix. But for some reason, its always just as hard, each time you do it...guess thats just the nature of change. 

I'm a routine person, I like a schedule, my kids like a schedule, they thrive on it and we are all our best selves. Well, throw in a newborn and say bye bye to schedule, hello to new schedule that is currently day to day. 

Our little one will be 10 weeks this week and what an amazing 10 weeks its been. I've been telling people that having 3 kids is happy chaos. Happy because we are totally obsessed with her and think she is just the cutest thing we've ever seen in our whole whole life. Our nest is complete and she truly is an incredible baby. Chaos, because well, its just that, CHAOTIC. We've been flying from one thing to the next. Just meal times are an adventure and of course all the destruction and boy-ness decides to come out while mom is tied down feeding said amazing little sister. There really aren't any slow days, there are days we stay at home, but not slow days. Plus in our case, throw in ear infections (mom included), gall bladder surgery, dog being attacked, first family of five beach trip, repeat ear infections(just mom), awesome return of the monthly visitor and the news of cancer taking up residence in my grandmothers body. Its been nothing short of a chaotic 10 weeks. 

But, Im thankful, thankful for God's provision in chaotic times, thankful for family and friends who rally and help when you have unexpected surgery, thankful for great veterinarians and neighbors who are extremely sorry, thankful for doctors that give medicine to a 32 year old that still gets ear infections, thankful for incredible, refreshing time with our family of 5, thankful for memories that last a lifetime and places of rest, thankful for new adventures in kindergarten, thankful for regularity returning to this crazy postpartum body, thankful that my grandmother gets to hold my little girl and love on her before her time on this earth is done, thankful for wonderful memories and reflection that come from knowing the time you have left with a loved one on this earth is short, thankful for hope and the assurance of eternity.

I know in the coming months my routine will change more frequently than not, but one thing I don't want to change is having a thankful heart. Thankfulness changes everything, perspective, attitude, and hearts, it happens from the inside out. 

Oh dear Jesus, I pray my heart would be thankful, ever mindful of the blessings you give whether they are hard or easy, may I have a joyful, thankful heart, because You, Oh Lord are working out all things for my good and Your glory. You are Sovereign Over Us. Amen


  1. so well said, b. so sorry to hear about your grandmother. and thankful alongside you for every little and big thing.
    can't wait to see you!

  2. Perfectly said. Thanks for making me cry. And e is 10 weeks. I need to hold her!


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