kelso has come a long way!

we all adored him sporting 70s gear as kelso, and then fell head over heels for him in "a lot like love," one of my all time favorites, and he has kept ewwing and ahhing over his good looks, sense of humor, and charm....
"kelso" has grown up gals, and his message at the 2013 teen choice awards 
was one that young people need to hear.
i'm sure at this point you are thinking--- j, you watched the teen choice awards?
the answer to this is a resounding no...but thanks to our little bro, who sent us the link, we got to hear good ole "kelso's" message.

are you a "kelso" fan?
what do you think of his speech?
i just love it when celebrities have common sense! -j


  1. love that he used his celebrity to say words full of meaning and substance. I see character in him. well done, chris.
    well done.

  2. I loved the speech. As a high school teacher, I encountered so many students whose life plan really consisted of being "discovered" someday at the mall or on the beach just based on their good looks. This was hardly true of all my students, but I think that blogging and social media has contributed to making many young people to lose sight of what it takes to be a success. Sure, you could be famous someday, but you should take pride in whatever you do and also be willing to put in work to achieve your dreams. I always knew I liked Ashton, or should I say Chris? :)


    P.S. I'm a Carolina blogger, too! I hope you can check out my site sometime!


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