Call it fleeting time, the end of summer days, creeping change...whatever you may, I'm embracing these days, these final moments of summer before schooldays loom. Yes, there are still all the daily struggles, the screaming fights, aggravating, tears and failures, but I find myself still soaking up summer. Making mental notes of little moments, splashing in the pool, lingering over cartoons in the mornings, pushing late bedtimes, lunch dates and cuddled nap times. And yes, even my smelly car that stinks of wet towels left to steam overnight!
It's time for school, some structure and routine is calling all of our names! They are ready, excited, geared up and anticipating. I however, for the first time, I'm holding back a bit. Maybe it's because my Lu starts kindergarten this year, and time seems to be so fast. Life is about to change. I'm gonna miss my little buddy everyday. But this is it right? this life...full of adjustment and change. So I'm embracing it all, the moments, the excitement and tears and this verse... "His mercies are new every morning!" Lam. 3:22
I think for a while I've felt like there were really no marks of change for my seasons, with 3 toddlers it just all seemed so busy, so the same all the time. I'll have to admit I often longed for change...well...it found me. Here we go school age kid. Me and you....we can do this! I know you are gonna thrive sweet Lu....lets pray your mom will too!


  1. your thoughts are beautiful! you are right, change did find you, as if always seems to find all of us--it is one of those things you can just count on. embracing it is huge. lucy is most definitely going to thrive, and you will too bc youre on the journey with her.

  2. just yesterday her first school was Aunt B's house and in a blink of our eyes she is off...she is going to soar and we get to watch her become even more of who God created her spirited, creative, determined little self to be. she is so you, she has your courage and what a wonderful blessing for her to get watch you embrace what God gives you-huge. very proud of you both


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