exactly!  all white with pops of color #kitchendecor
the weather has such a huge effect on me! i get really down when its raining, damp, cold and dark. i hate that. i don't want it to have such a huge impact on my mood or attitude. i pray against it all the time. but, the reality for now is, it is what it is, and when that sun comes out and i can leave the screen doors open, hear the birds, pick fresh flowers from the yard and watch my hubby and munchkins tending the garden, i am beaming!
so, what does this pic have to do with any of that you ask??? it's happy, it's how my heart feels. if you know me you know that i truly delight in home and all things surrounding it! it is a passion, an endless creative project, a joy to me! this picture captures sunshine and bright and life to me! i love the white and bright stools and natural lighting, the cleanliness and space! i found myself on pinterest this morning just staring at it! i couldn't help but share!
i hope your weekend is filled with bright happy moments!

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