time away.

there is something so refreshing about getting away for the weekend.  even though it's just a few days, actually more like 48 hours. time spent away from the house, from chores, to-do lists, obligations, and the norm is a must. the hubs and i have spent a lot of time working on projects, hanging out with friends as we try to build relationships here, and frankly, we love to chill on the weekends. especially since i travel most of the week for work.  but last weekend, d's very generous grandparents & parents offered us, along with his sister and her husband, their condo. we headed down to litchfield on friday afternoon, just before the freezing rain set in. it was the perfect weekend...supper out at nosh, good wine & whiskey , late nights, dessert, fires, walks on the beach, long talks, jenga {d is a jenga champion. i have never seen him lose and this wkd i beat him- i did a victory dance}, a birthday celebration for our brother-in-law, and really good sleep. what a blessing it is to love being together!
here's to another great weekend! -j

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