Recently while driving to the gym, my little/big man as he reminds me daily, stated that it was a "pretty day outside today." And actually it was cloudy, windy and 70 all day, which is odd for the month of January and explains the tornado warnings issued later in the day. I was quick to add my two cents "well, actually its not very pretty, its cloudy, its only pretty when the sun comes out." But he was insistent that it was a pretty day and wanted to know if we could hit up the zoo and the pump it up all proceeding the gym. Now that would be a packed morning. After I quickly squashed his rose colored glasses, I started thinking about a pretty day and why sun is a pre-requisite for said day. And I guess it really doesn't have to be. In his little mind, it was a pretty day regardless, we were on our way to do something fun, we are happy and thankful and in his mind it didn't matter what it looked like outside, it could still be a pretty day. It struck me how different our perspectives are and in all honesty, how mine needs to look a little more like his. -b.

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