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do you like asian food? 
i love it, but it's not regularly on our food radar. what typically happens is that i go a few months without having it, and then i crave it, pretty badly. but it's so hard to find good asian/chinese food.  those hole in the wall asian restaurants, tend to freak me out....just being honest.  i will go to a "local" place if there is someone to vouch for it. i need to know that a friend ate there and there food was delicious, and the chicken was actually chicken, jk, but for real. 
i have attempted to make stir-fry on several occasions, but have yet to perfect it. i stumbled upon this recipe, clicked the link, and read through the directions...it seems simple enough and it got rave reviews. the great thing about cooking asian food at home is you can pick the veggies you put in- tweaking it to your tastes/cravings, and also monitor the amount of sodium, making it yummy and healthy too!

do you have a go-to asian recipe that you prepare at home? what are your favorite asian dishes?

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