this word struck a whole new meaning for me today! i used to be an insurance agent so it was in my everyday vocab...now, not so much. but today when i looked out of my sun room window in our new home and saw these blooms i freaked. i love to garden and love to enjoy the fruits of my labor...that is a super sweet feeling. when we moved it was late fall so i had no idea what was planted here, and then she bloomed! i am the total beneficiary of someone else's labor and gods love of beauty! no work...just enjoying! 
we've been sick here at our house for about a week and its so discouraging. isn't it just like god to give us a little gift. a little ray of sunshine to remind us he is good and all things are in his hands! they made my day, and he knew they would. it's like there was a little gift tag on them for me! yes....these camilla blooms are going in every room!!!

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