Little Lu...

We will never forget the day you were born, we waited with great expectation for your arrival. Your mommy's water broke and we all rushed to the hospital to be by her side. We had no idea what the day would hold but we didn't want to miss a second. In total Lu fashion, you took your own sweet time entering the world, when you finally decided to make your appearance, you stole our hearts immediately. A porcelain baby doll for us to play with and fiery red hair to boot! You were our first baby, a love we'd never felt before! Today you turn 4 and it blows our mind that this little chunky, fiery, happy baby is turning into this beautiful, tall, fiery little girl. We are so proud of you, you are spunky and kind, inquisitive and brave, shy and opinionated, smart and silly all wrapped into one amazing 4 year old! We love you so much and are so thankful you were born! 


Happy Happy Day to Our Lulu! 


  1. Oh my goodness. Thank you for loving her and us so well. She is something else for sure...since day one, you are right! It's all happening so fast! I can't believe how teeny she was. Ok, I'm gonna move on so I can stop crying! Love y'all, thank u,e

  2. she is WAY TOO MUCH! i love that child, and i love all of your stories about her! hope her birthday was special for all of you and especially sweet for her! looking forward to seeing you this week - love you all.


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