I'll admit that I was a little skeptical of this bachelorette at the beginning. The opener for the season was painful to watch. But as the season has gone on I have totally changed my mind. This girl has gumption. Do you remember hearing this word on The Holiday? Kate Winslet's character Iris is introduced to the word by an older film mentor Arthur Abbott. He gives her an assignment to watch a bunch of movies with strong women in them....and she learns that they all have gumption (his plan entirely)! I love this word gumption and want it to be something that I instill in to my little girls life...I think she's already got her fair share.... As I was watching the Bachelorette last week I was really impressed with her. She is herself and doesn't take any crap from anybody...especially when it comes to her daughter! I think she's quite a catch. She may come across as a sweet southern blonde but she's got thick skin and i like that! Gumption! What do you think? Don't forget the season finally on Sunday night! E


  1. yes. gumption, indeed. I think about that scene often, actually. thanks for the reminder, e. I love how it sneaks up on her that she has gained this trait. when she ends it with jasper, it dawns on her that she has changed deeply within herself. love it!
    you know what other word I like that is closely related?
    moxie. "force of character".
    happy weekend, e!

  2. Ooo moxie. Good one! I'm gonna have to use it! Praying for u. Know a lot is up in the air!

  3. Doth I smell a bit of feminism in that post?! LOVE IT. And you.


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