A "nature"-ally wonderfully party!

I am so blessed to have super creative friends! Among those is one of my besties,Ginny. And let me tell you something....she is amazing. Everything she touches turns to gold. She just has a magical eye. Her home (that's for another day), her parties, her style, her work-everything is just so. She defines creating "eye-candy". Every time I go to her house I just have to take a minute to stroll around and see what's new and in what creative ways she has used furniture and decor! 
Her baby boy, Rhett, {above,opening his presents} is at the top of her list, so you can imagine how awesome this little dudes birthday party was! We went on a nature walk, had "dirt" for dessert and these cute little "acorns" for treats. 
There was a "make your own" trail mix bar, a rock painting table, snack packs filled with fruit and chips and veggies for the treat bags. They live out in the beautiful country so the kids road around on Rhett's little John Deer car and ran in circles. It really was perfect! Enjoy this feast for the eyes.
  And to boot,she is more beautiful inside than all she creates on the outside! I am a lucky girl! Thanks Gin for sharing you and all the creativity God has blessed you with, with all of us! Love you...e

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  1. She is beautiful inside and out! Seriously, this was the most creative party I've ever seen!


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