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Currently my friends, I am reading this incredible book by Kay Warren called "Choosing Joy." And yes, its amazing. There so much truth in there its crazy, I want to highlight everything. So I highly recommend this book. I don't know about you, but I feel like God is constantly teaching me things and I can't quite keep up with it all. At times I find myself saying, "ok Lord, can you repeat that because Im not quite mastering that character trait." And boy does He ever repeat things, thank goodness because I want and need many chances to learn the traits of patience and trust. Clearly these 2 have been one big pain in the you know what for me to get because He's definitely been hitting these home lately and I feel like I just learned these 3 years ago. Im beginning to wonder if every time I decide to further my education ie. answer His call on my life, these little guys just keep popping up. 

Me being the control, perfection seeking person that I am, means...

I'm a little slower to release my death grip of control. 

I'm a little slower to realize that no matter how hard I try to do it all and be it all perfectly, it ain't gonna happen. 

I'm a little slower to believe that He never leaves us or forsakes us. 

I'm a little slower to understand that struggles, pains, accomplishments, busyness, kids, family, churches, friends, & lists don't define who I am. 

I'm a little slower to embrace change. 

"We hate the process of refining that makes us like Jesus Christ in our character because it involves pain and sorrow and stress and upheaval. Ronald Dunn says, "Why is this struggle so relentless? Because God wants to change us, and we don't want to be changed." All of us want the product of the trials and pain-maturity-without having to go through the process." -Kay Warren

My friends, maturity doesn't come without going through the process...

"He doesn't just smile at you...he sings and dances with shouts of joy for you! My friend, he knows all about you. He knows how often you fail to get it right; he knows the times you earnestly desire to shine like a star on a dark night but don't quite make it. He knows the truest intentions of your heart; he sees where you're trying. He's keenly aware of the brutal pain that has ripped you into pieces; his heart aches with yours as you struggle to accept the process that makes you mature. He knows what no one else will ever know. And his response to all he sees within you...within me? This makes me weep. He dances for us with shouts of joy." -Kay Warren

Father, give me Joy in this journey, in this process, in this change...and please can I learn these traits for the last time! :) 


  1. Right there with ya sister! Hang in there....most all the joy is in the journey....there is a wonder and wildness to life and freedom for those who obey...per Michael card! Ha!

  2. I love that I am beginning to know you three better and better so that as I read a post I can predict who has written it before I get to the end and look for the initial. :)
    thank you, b. amen and amen.
    I am going to look for that book.


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