some pub.

did any of y'all see this
it's a wonderful feature on the little city that we currently call home. sara with wsj did a great job covering all the different areas of the city, and some new, hip spots to eat and drink--all of which are wonderful. 
there are only two things i disagree with: maverick kitchen restaurants are oh so good, but you don't need to eat at two in one long weekend. i would chose fig, blossom, oak, or 82 queen instead. and she gave folly beach some pub, because technically it's the closest beach to the city, but i am partial to sullivans; i grew up going there and it's charm just sucks you in! needless to say, there's lots to do-- come visit! 

speaking of visiting, my entire family {except young sam bc he's in co} is coming down for a long weekend. yay! e,b, and j all in one place with our fam! we'll be sure to let you know how our little vacay goes. 
happy weekend a bit early! -j.

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