reasons to celebrate!

so remember this post from a few weeks ago when i shared how overwhelmed i felt by jesus' plan for us and how so many things, exciting things, have happened over the past three years? well, this weekend was definitely one for the books, because drew graduated on saturday! our parents and grandparents came to town to spend the weekend, we ate yummy food, and celebrated drew's accomplishments as well as mother's day.  i can't believe the festivities we had been looking so forward to are over, but the best is yet to come--after the bar exam--that is! here are some snapshots {forgive the lack of variety, we were too busy having fun to be super creative} from the weekend...
 we started the weekend on the beach and a few of drew's favorite beverages!
before we left for the ceremony!
drew's dad proud of him and his JD!
  with his wonderful parents
 very proud of my drewski and that he graduated with honors!
 his amazing grandparents!
drew with my mom and dad {aren't they cute in their glasses}
the invite for our celebration supper
before going to blossom; mocha cheesecake from blossom- delicious!
 to top off a great weekend, i got to see one of my bestest friends marge{this pic is old}.

what an amazing weekend shared with so many people who love and support us; we couldn't have survived these past few years without them {and our siblings too}! we are beyond blessed and thankful!
congrats drewski, i'm so proud of you & i love you! -j.

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