a little party.

e, b, and i did a little planning scheming over the past few weeks. 
we wanted to surprise our mom{t.} with a dinner party for her birthday.
her bestest buds were able to come from near and far to make our little party perfect! 
here's how it went down...
we told t. she was going out to supper with us. she arrived to e's house and saw the decorations and food--she was super curious, but we wouldn't tell her who was coming. then the fun began-when the doorbell rang, we made her answer it, and each time she was surprised to see one of her favorite friends.  it was so fun to see her reactions, which included shock, awe and many tears of joy!
greeting her friend anne who drove 4 hours to be there for the surprise- 
they have been besties since middle school.
t. with her favorites! she's known and loved these women for so long 
{all from different stages in her life}
the "reese" girls
the festive table!
we put the letters, our party favor, out after everyone arrived {to keep t. surprised}
 some of her fun gifts 
 prosecco punch, chicken tortellini salad, and strawberry meringue cake
{we were having so much fun we didn't take pics of the apps-
parmesan crisps, bruschetta, & olive tapenade}
 our beautiful mom!
 needless to say, it was a huge hit, and we totally surprised t. we love you mom! -e,b,j


  1. Oh my gosh! I love this post! What a sweet way to love on your mom! You know how much I love Terry, and this is a great idea! Love yall!!

  2. such a fun surprise--looks like some of the stuff you made from pinterest?? :)


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