yesterday i woke up with an overwhelming feeling of thankfulness. like a blanket wrapped around me keeping me warm, it covered me completely, and it felt so good. while fixing my breakfast, i kept thinking of all the things i have to be grateful for....exactly three years ago, i knew i had cancer, i was trying to cope with the emotions and doctors appointments, i was finishing college and wanted to experience all the fun of my final weeks at clemson, and we were in a holding pattern--waiting-- waiting anxiously for surgery and waiting for drew to get his acceptance letter from law school. 

so much has changed in three years, 
and our Jesus has been so faithful.

three years later i am cancer free {thank the lord}, i have a wonderful job, drew and i have been married for almost two years, we love our life on the coast, and yesterday {monday} marked the beginning of the end. this week is drew's last week of law school.  yes, that's right, he finishes class this week! after having all these overwhelming feelings {which is cool, because i'm not a morning person, therefore, i do not have profound or even coherent thoughts in the morning} i read this....

i am calling YOU to a life of thankfulness. i want all your moments to be punctuated with thanksgiving. the basis of your gratitude is my sovereignty. i am the creator and controller of the universe. heaven and earth are filled with my glorious presence. when you criticize or complain, you are acting as if you think you could run the world better than i do. from your limited human perspective, it may look as if i'm mismanaging things. but you don't know what i know or see what i see...i have designed you to live by faith, not by sight. i lovingly shield you from knowing the future. - sarah young, jesus calling

may "all your moments be punctuated with thanksgiving," because jesus has you and your future in his hands. what an overwhelming feeling! thank you jesus for letting me experience this first hand. -j. 


  1. thanks be to God, j! thank you for sharing so I can join in your celebration. :)

  2. PRAISE PRAISE at all the things He has done in 3 years...thankfulness at the forefront of our minds daily...challenge accepted!

  3. thanks y'all for your wonderful comments and love! y'all are the best, and yes beth, it's on-- the challenge that is!


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