Today is our Ganny's Birthday, She would be 102 years old this year. Its incredible how someone can be gone for so many years, but their memory just never seems to fade. I feel like I miss her now more than I ever have. Maybe its because I have an incredible husband and kids of my own now whom she would be completely smitten over.

What an amazing grandmother she was. Every year at this time, we all think of her more often. She seriously loved Spring and all the things it represented, but she especially loved buying us matching Easter dresses and lavishing us in the form of candy or new dolls, long walks at the lake where we found Queen Anne's lace and Dogwood blossoms, eggs that she loved to dye and decorate with us but more than anything, I simply remember her face glowing with delight at our mere presence. She was one of those people who made it known that she adored you just by the way she looked at you. No doubt in any of our 4 minds that we were the apple of her eye...we might have been just a step below our dad, whom she slightly obsessed over, but nonetheless, we knew we were loved with every fiber of her being.

Today and every Spring we celebrate her life, the sacrifice and love with which she adopted our dad, the respect and adoration she felt for our mom and the joy she brought to 3 little girls and their baby bro. She loved really really well and we are all better people for having been loved by her!
We Love You Ganny and Oh the day when we reunite!

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