so it's been over a month since the hubs and i hopped across the pond for a little getaway. i can't even believe that i haven't shared pictures of our adventure with you or any details of our trip. i know you've been waiting with baited breath...no? there were quite a few pictures to upload and edit, and i just finished up...finally! we had a grand time! i want to share some of my favorite pictures/experiences with you...boy did we cover a lot of the city in just a few days.  let me tell you, london was everything i dreamed it would be and more. it is bursting with energy, and it was a special treat to be there during such an exciting time- the queen's jubilee celebration and preparations for the summer olympic games.
this captivating city does not disappoint! our trip was a dream come true.

painted eggs on display throughout the city to commemorate the jubilee celebration & the official olympic countdown clock in trafalgar square.

us on the tube!
a dreary day spent at the tower of london...

a cross etched into the stone by a prisoner at the tower of london; british guard.
loving the blue- signature of the tower bridge. we went up to the very top!

oh so beautiful windsor castle. we took the full tour and it is breathtaking. the royal family has lived there for almost 1,000 years.
the queen's quarters; she was there while we visited.

saint george's chapel within the windsor walls and home of the order of the garter
the long walk outside of windsor

perfect english cottage on a beautiful, sunny day

regent's park jubilee gate

westminster abbey- amazing to see in person and tour inside.
drew admiring st. paul's cathedral; silly pic of me at the british museum; mounted guard

harrods...unbelievable, could get lost in there for-ever!
the best tiramisu i've ever eat at dell'angolo; west end shows; churchill war rooms- amazing!

it doesn't get any better than big ben {drew's favorite} at night with the
 london eye glowing blue in the background.

we literally did everything on our "hope to see/do" in a short time list. and thanks to the amazing advice from a once local, our sweet friend kym, gave us walking cards that helped us wander our way through back streets and to explore the city off the beaten path.  i have to say that the green spaces in london are beautiful and a much needed respite from the hustle and bustle of the city.  i am already itching to go back. one day drew and i want to do a walking tour through the english countryside...one day! -j.
{p.s. ireland recap coming friday}


  1. this post quite literally fills my heart with joy. sigh...

  2. wow, incredible...this is such a tease but I could seriously just sit and listen to you talk about this and see endless pics. As much as I hate flying, I want to go there so so bad! The history and castles...so amazing and so happy that yall got to have this adventure!

  3. Jess. Perfectly summed up. You even got beth! Ha!

  4. thanks y'all. i wish i could post 100 pictures, but i resisted the urge!


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