waiting rooms...

i meant to write this weeks ago but am just now getting to it which i guess in retrospect makes this even more meaningful and relevant. ok, so down to it. i love waiting rooms. i used to hate them. i was always late to my appointments, dreaded the wait because i needed to be somewhere else fast. but now when i have appointments i have to do so much prep that i arrive on time and get to actually sit and wait! how wonderful! i mean the prep isnt so much fun, the finding a place where the kids (3,2 and 8 months) can stay, nap, eat and play, pack 800 bags filled with baby food, sippy cups, diapers, extra underwear pants and socks, sweat to death getting them there, etc. etc. its a little stressful. but, once i arrive, i breathe. im alone. i speak kindly to the receptionist, im glad fill out paperwork in silence, play on my phone without someone begging my to see pictures, what? and read old magazines mindlessly. its amazing! i look forward to doctors appointments now (only the ones that just involve me)! is that sad that its one of the only times that im alone and its quiet? i almost feel asleep while the dental hygenist was cleaning my teeth the other day! things have changed ladies and im embracing it! doctors appointments = me time! ha! thank you God for waiting rooms and old magazines!-e.

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