So today I wanted to share a new book with you, its called, You are Already Amazing by Holley Gerth and its wonderful. Thanks to our incredible friends at Dayspring, I received this book to read and review. Anytime I get the opportunity to read a new inspirational, christian book, I seize it. I mean seriously, who doesn't love to be encouraged or hear other women's stories that resonate with your heart. This truly is a great book, so so easy to read and full of great truth. Holley isn't only an author but she's also a counselor, so I was definitely excited to read her words. She seems to have such a gentle spirit that leads and counsels with wisdom and humility. This book really focuses on learning who you are and who God created you to be. I'm typically not someone that likes to do "workbooks" per say, but Holley gives so many wonderful exercises its hard to not think about them and participate. It was really great to read a book that not only spoke truth but gave you application as well.

So in short, just try it, go to Dayspring and buy this book, You won't be disappointed, I promise!


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