My brain is fried, its been a long week on the mom front and frankly I'm just plain tired...you know those weeks where you are thanking God its finally Friday, and when you do manage sit down you just stare off into space and you're legitimately thinking nothing because your brain is too tired to think; where you have to get your hubby to repeat himself multiple times and then he finally realizes you actually aren't going to hear him no matter how many times he repeats himself because you are that tired; welp, its been one of those weeks in our house. So with weeks like this comes thoughts of this and let me just tell you how I absolutely can't wait...
This is my daydream, where I go in my mind, when all parts of me need to be refreshed and reminded of simplicity and beauty, silence and laughter, excitement and wonder.
I think of this place and the fun my family of 4 will have in this place...
Kiawah is my place, whats yours? -B

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