clean up, clean up...

everybody clean up...so goes the song that e. sings with her kiddos to encourage them to clean up their toys {aka messes} around their room and house. her eldest lucy learned this song very early and it was so cute to hear her sing along. now that the christmas celebrations are over, the decorations that made me smile every single morning of the last six weeks are stored away until next year, and a new year has gotten off to a roaring start, well it is time to well, clean up...right? i have a tradition that once the new year is under way, i clean out all of the closets, kitchen cabinets, work files & materials, and well honestly anything else that has accumulated "stuff" throughout the year and especially during the busy holiday season. i am a fairly organized person, but our tiny living quarters can get cluttered pretty fast! so, in lieu of a new year, and a fresh start, i thought i would share some of the things that help me get and stay organized in case you are curious. - j
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 these are some of my favorite food storage items...if only I more room to use them in our tiny pantry.

pics are one of my favorite things- two great ways to organize them!

i got some of these bad boys for christmas: a colorful way to keep things straight
{pencils, pens, business cards, paperclips, bills, etc}

i use these for mints, hair rubber bands, anything really!

cleaning out the closet in the new year is a must, these hangers make it easy!


excellent under the bed storage and baskets for bookshelves or bathroom!

and here is one jenny's diy project that i hope to tackle soon that will give us some storage in the bathroom & will keep things a little more organized....

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