ok so I came across this blog the other day, it was reposted on a friend's facebook account and it looked interesting so I read...if you don't ever look at anything we repost or link, please check out this one. I was totally floored at this blog, the creativity, the courage, the truth, the uniqueness of this girl I don't know, but would really like to sit down and talk to. You see not that long ago I went to seminary and definitely felt like the odd "woman" out for my desire to seek a seminarian education. So many questions as to my intentions, was I to become a pastor, a theologian, was I going to become a feminist of some sort and speak out against the prejudices of women in the Christian community...it definitely ruffled feathers and I honestly didn't mind doing a little ruffling in my super conservative community. It caused people to think and for that I was grateful. Women's roles in the church will be discussed and argued for many many more years to come, but I am grateful to know that God has called me to serve and to use the gifts He's given me and to quote one commenter,

"someday when Christ asks me to account for how I used my gifts, "the boys wouldn't let me" will not be an acceptable answer."

1 Corinthians 12 is a great read for God's thoughts on spiritual gifts!
What are your thoughts?

Stay tuned tomorrow, we will conclude our study on What Women Fear by Angie Smith!

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  1. Hey, way to be a ruffler of the feathers! I loved the two posts i read on the blog you linked too. Did you read "Blessed are the Entitled?"? Really thought-provoking!


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