so, as most of you have realized by now im more of an idea girl. im easily inspired by beautiful, funky, creative things! last week my sisters and i went on a dinner date, just the three of us, and it was magnificent! we had drinks and a shared delicious meal, all the while leisurely discussing our days, ideas, and fancies...if you will! i can't even tell you how refreshing it was! oh i wish we could do it once a week....they truely are my faves!!! anyways, tangent of sister love aside, we were talking about our blog and i told them i was sure our readers thought i was the shallowest (in the best meaning of the word) of the three of us because i never really write about my thoughts but most often share pics of inspiration, whether a beautiful bedroom or crafty use of furniture or a fun quote! they assured me this wasn't so but just in case it is im going to try to share more of my thoughts with you...my heart if you will...so here goes it!

last week in a rare quiet moment i was laying in bed (my favoritist of all places) reading Jesus Calling by Sarah Young ( a must have) and read this and it really hit home. i want to and need to be reminded of this truth everyday...

remember that JOY is not dependent on your circumstances. some of the world's most miserable people are those whose circumstances seem the most enviable...true JOY is a by-product of living in MY presence. therefore you can experience it in palaces, prisons...anywhere! do not judge a day as devoid of JOY because it contains difficulties...if you make problem-solving secondary to the goal of living close to ME, you can find JOY even in your most difficult days!

Amen and AMEN!!!!
{some of my little joys...my man, my lucy, my jesse, my hoke}


  1. so true, and i love these pictures. thanks for sharing your heart with us!

  2. E (Adi)- anyone that has crossed paths with you a time or two knows that you exemplify everything opposite of shallow - you love God and people deeply while radiating a rich love of life. I know that I, for one, enjoy the glimpses of what makes you come alive, the inspirations that make you smile and give you life. It's different for everyone and I'm grateful that I can peek in on what you're loving.

    The same is true for b & j - thanks gals, for sharing life with me and us.

    peace and love to you three.

    cwlw (dia)

  3. that is one hot man


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