i did it myself {with a little help}.

for whatever reason lately i've been itching to do some "creative" projects. i use the term "creative" loosely because they haven't been really all that creative. just some updates. i think this itch has been induced by the fact that we've lived in our home for over a year...which is a feat. i haven't lived in the same place for over a year since my junior year in college- crazy! updates here and there are a fun way to spice things up and feel like we have new, interesting things even though we are really on a tight budget. 
one little update that the mr and i tackled this weekend was to add some more storage space for my work materials. i travel a lot, but when i'm not traveling i work from home. and, well, i have a ton of work stuff that has to go somewhere {old homes have no storage} and no actual office. 
you should know that  i am by no means a "do it yourself-er". 
so a few months ago i came across an article in charleston home on how to make a potting shed. what appealed to me was not the actual potting shed {although i love to garden}, but the instructions on how to make your own curtain sans sewing machine {i can not sew}. i thought i can do this. i can follow these and cover up this little space under our kitchen counter and put shelves under there to utilize the space.

 {space before + inexpensive shelves from office depot}

quick instructions:
measure space from counter to the floor.
then measure the width of the space.
add two inches to the height and double the width.
cut a piece of fabric to size and iron a one-inch hem along the top
cut a piece of stitch witchery to run the length of the hem.
place it just beneath the raw edge of the fabric and allow a half-inch gap for the tension rod.
follow stitch witchery instructions.
insert rod and hang.

 {fabric we purchased; love the stripes}
 {love the look}
{makes our kitchen feel complete and gives me so much storage}

p.s. sorry for such a long post {word vomit}! -J

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  1. this is awesome, so so cute and so so proud of you J...very inspiring for a fellow non-do it yourselfer! ha! love it!


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