So today is our 100th post, thats right, can you believe it? We’ve written and shared 100 little fancies with you our wonderful readers! So in celebration of this monumental day and the JOY that we 3 sisters get from this creative venture together, we are giving you 100 things We Fancy! 

1. Chaotic Family Get Togethers
2. chocolate in all forms
3. endless decorating magazines
4. wonderful scents and smells for E to enjoy
5. bargain buys from J.Crew for J
6. Taco Casa
7. great, hard to put down reads for B
8. big ole glass of red wine
10. Twilight (E & J)
11. TARGET, need I say more
12. Story time at the library
13. Chick-fil-A hard to get a complete sentence out lunches
14. Journey “Don’t Stop Believing”
15. All things Thirty One
16. Clemson Football
17. Giada’s Orzo Pasta with Basil and Tomatoes=yum
18. decorating and redecorating numerous times
19. staying in our pj’s all day long
20. dark chocolate covered almonds
21. Real Coke, none of this diet stuff
22. Keurig and multiple cups of coffee
23. The Mustard Seed
24. TCBY Shivers
25. Antiques
26. Scholtskys Turkey Originals with a lil hot sauce
27. Popcorn and fountain Cherry Coke from Target
28. KKG
29. All foods Italian
30. Inside Out at Home
31. Jack n Coke
32. Tyler Candles...Diva, French Market, Candy Cane, Mulled Cider, Dolce Vita
33. Chocolate Shoppe Free Cookies and Cookie Cakes
34. Laughter
35. Beach Walks
36. little munchkins named Lucy, Counts, Jess, Reese, & Hoke
37. Tequila Lime Chicken
38. Cold draft beer
39. Jesus Calling, best devotional book ever
40. snuggled up watching movies with the fam at 5 Yacht Harbor
41. endless mafia games
42. The HELP
43. homemade ice cream
44. Traveling to new places (mostly E & J)
45. Our family photographer J
46. all things Southern
47. our dogs that act like children
48. discovering new boutique shops
49. Tipsy Terri
50. all things history...totally J
51. lazy days at the lake
52. refrigerator magnets
53. painting...totally E
54. coastal living
55. suriving cancer
56. chalkboard walls
57. surviving PPD
58. Droid
59. Bop & T aka Mom & Dad
60. gold lockets, strands of pearls, crosses, & funky dangles
61. beach shopping with Mom
62. guilty pleasures...Keeping Up with The Kardashians
63. sitting in a chair on the beach w our feet in the water
64. our courageous, sarcastic, heartbreakin, sensitive,thrill seeking lil bro
65. the Peace that only comes from Jesus
66. rocking on a screened in porch w drink in hand
67. E’s Rum Punch
68. The Bachelorette(B) and So You Think You Can Dance(E & J)
69. Praise Music
70. sleeping in
71. mani/pedis by J
72. creating Space
73. Fresh Cut flowers
74. the deep sleep that comes after babies are born
75. thryoid meds that make us feel better
76. jobs that pay bills
77. Chick-fil-A Ice Dreams and milkshakes(E)
78. delicious, real sweet OJ for J
79. health
80. the whispers of the Holy Spirit
81. Real Simple
82. Picture Walls, layered looks, accent walls, bright colors, funky lamps
83. Hobby Lobby
84. cardigans in every color
85. hot hubbies
86. replacing frames with new pics
87. comfy made beds
88. everything in its designated place, pillows fluffed and arranged, dishes done, laundry folded and put away, 89. floors swept...so what if we’re all a little OCD
90. falling asleep reading a good book
91. planting flowers
92. marking things off a “to do list”
93. being a daughter of The King
94. movies that can be watched 100+ times
95. 90210 circa the 90‘s, Dawsons Creek & Gilmore Girls
96. lunches with mom where you get to have dessert
97. hugs
98. party planning
99. birthdays and girls nights


    1. Happy Day! I love sharing life full of these fancies with you girls, especially my B! I love you all, more than 100 times!

    2. and this is why i love y'all to death! -ginny


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