time to unwind.

as i mentioned in a previous post, the mr. and i drove just an hour up the coast to spend some qt with his family. it was exactly what i {we both} needed.  these past few weeks, actually since may have been a whirlwind.  lots of fun activities- things to be grateful for and things to celebrate and well just some things that we had to do- but we have been all over the place.  traveling on the weekends and traveling during the week for work makes for one exhausted me.  so after a quick, work trip to birmingham, i got back home, loaded up the car and headed out of town for vacation. it was basically perfect. well wednesday was a bit hot-120 degrees with the heat index, but after that, so long humidity, and hello perfect beach weather.  we sat on the beach, read, ate, indulged in choice beverages, played games, and enjoyed being together.  it is definitely a blessing to love and love being with my in-laws. so very thankful for some time away to re-group and rejuvenate. i feel like a new person. and now it feels so good to be back home. hope you have some time to steal away and relax, after all, that's what summer is for. -j

 played a new game-hook&ring
 despite the apron, i did the cooking & he helped!

oh and did i mention the swamp thing roaming around the beach- hilarious!

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