picture this.

So, I've had photo walls on the brain for about 4 months now. I love the idea that a
grouping of photos can tell a story, a story of a life and those living it. These days people include anything and everything in a gallery wall, and that makes me happy because there's creative freedom to do as you wish- anything goes! Plus photo walls come with an added bonus, they are simple to change and to me, that is the best thing about them-
you can update pictures on a whim.
And being able to change pics every once in a while is a good thing!
Here are a few of my favorite ideas (of about 25 inspiration pics saved on my laptop), which I've been collecting for quite some time...

PB- great source of inspiration.

photos/architecture pieces propped against the wall- love it!

love the idea of a photo wall in the bathroom!

variety or mats, frames, colors, prints = a must!

blue chest, yes please, but love the different elements hung as a grouping.

{1 & 2-Pottery Barn; Simply Seleta; Lonny Magazine Oct 2010; NYT}

Our living room wall is calling my name, perhaps this weekend I will muster up the courage to hang a dozen or so pictures and objects creating a story all our own...I've had them in a dresser drawer for quite some time. Wish me luck & I'll be sure to keep you posted! - J

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  1. Those are some good inspiration pics...I wish I had actually done some research before slappin' mine up on the wall! I hope we see pictures when it's all done (c: Thanks for your sweet comment on my blog today! I hope you come back and get in on the giveaway!!!


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