Eggstravagant Craft!

Ok, so I know Easter isn't until the end of April but I get so excited to decorate for each holiday that I start a little early (it drives my husband crazy!), but i can't hold back! So, I found these awesome paper mache eggs at Hobby Lobby for 3 for a $1, a steal, right? I'm not a fan of pastels so I decided to grab a few and make my own faux eggs in colors I like that blend with my decor! I just used acrylic paints and made my own designs...so easy! It would be a great craft for little ones too, because you don't have to worry about dropping real eggs and there's no hassle to get them ready! Maybe I'll have an egg decorating party!
I'll wait til the rest of the world is ready to decorate for Easter! -E


  1. Love the eggs! You are one creative chick E!

  2. E is so creative! I wish she'd come to my house and do some crafts!!!

  3. Oh my goodness, you are too cute. Why don't I think of this?! And why don't they come already painted for people like me? I love you.


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